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A view on outsourced cleaning

Where is the cleaning profession heading? It is a question seldom asked by those outside of the industry, even less so by the general public. Yet it is a question that needs answering, but why?

Cleaning is in need of reappraisal. It is often – and unfairly – categorised as a low-skilled profession carried out by low-skilled people, overlooked by other more attention-grabbing services found within the outsourcing arena.

Despite its tendency to fly under the radar, the cleaning industry continues to evolve. Changes to the commercial office lease, sustainability efforts and the impact of technology have all brought in new approaches to a profession that is too often considered highly commoditised, static and unsophisticated.

Our report intends to change that perception by showing that cleaning can offer something different; it can be a more strategic contribution to a business’s core function and one that is not solely differentiated by cost.

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What we do

Portfolio by Churchill is a different kind of cleaning service for professional workplaces. It’s specifically designed for organisations for whom a higher standard of care and finish really matters – because the way their environment looks and feels is important to their business. It impacts on their people’s well-being and productivity and reflects their organisation’s professionalism and quality.

What makes us different

Portfolio is a dedicated service provided by people who take a concierge-level approach to what they do. People who are trained to understand your business and the importance of attention to detail. People who deliver an extraordinary level of service as standard, so that your workplace always makes the right impression, effortlessly.